will you love me now or the morning after my funeral?

October 9, 2016

8. and my heart can no longer perform rituals of love

7. my body has too much memory

10. if I didn’t remember your name so often, I’d have forgotten the dustiness of roads through kithyoko and Kyamboo– my heart would unteach my mouth the art of making apologies for my people’s lack of foresight

9. they no longer teach us how to love without loving, these days

1. teach your heart to keep the walls of desire erect, for days such as these

5. we no longer hold onto words on days that the sun refuses to set– and clouds won’t make way for daybreak, the morning after

6. she used to tell stories of the folly of playing guitars to entertain goats– the wisdom of her people, too, is folly

2. do not hold onto broken dreams; patterns, borne of repetition

4. and if you remember this tomorrow, dear heart, let it be known that you deserved nothing, but silence

3. and allow birds and the nagging mosquito, laying eggs onto earwax, interrupt the contempt of silence

11. breathe.



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