Victimless Crimes

October 13, 2014

“Mr. President, you may seem alone and being humiliated, with nothing at all in foreign land,

but Mr. President, you have never been alone,

you are not alone and you will never be alone.


You have our love we your faithful supporters and followers.

We are praying for you Mr. President.

You have the love of Christ in your heart.

God, we remember with humility your only Son our Lord Jesus Christ,

who went through tribulations in the hands of wicked men before redeeming the whole world.

Mr. President, majority would have wished that you don’t go, as happened to Jesus Christ,

majority wished he would not die on the cross.


God, we know you have a reason for what Uhuru Kenyatta is undergoing.

Father, we know Uhuru Kenyatta’s humbleness will not only redeem Kenya,

but also the entire Continent of Africa.

God we know the hard feeling and pain

that was going through Uhuru Kenyatta’s mind as he temporar[il]y relinquish[ed] power

and disrupt[ed] his service to the people of the great republic of Kenya.

His heart may seem to take the blow of disappointment, thus heavy.


We your supporters Mr. President may feel crushed because our hope seems dashed,

but we lay our trust, faith and hope on our Father inheaven.

God, heal Uhuru Kenyatta’s heart that may be broken.

He cannot fix his own wounds.

But, Father, with his and our prayers you can.

If [a] piece of his heart [has] been lost, or is held captive recover it

and bring it back to him and miraculously “put him back together”

so that his heart is whole again.


You are a mender of dashed hopes, threatened spirits and broken hearts.



Mr.President, we pray that you emerge conqueror,

we pray that you overcome, we pray for your resolve to make Kenya and Africa the emerging democracy,

we appreciate your sacrifice to redeem Kenya,

we appreciate your sacrifice to redeem Africa,

we pray for democracy, freedom and human rights to prevail.


God, we pray that you give Uhuru Kenyatta and his entire defense team wisdom

and we pray believing and trusting in the name of JESUS CHRIST.”


Because dead souls

need no prayers.


Because broken limbs

no longer count.


Because burnt homes

are only imagined.


Because presidents

are Messiahs


Because these crimes

are victimless.

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  1. Sweetnes

    I hope they get it one day…

    • Neo

      We continue to hope.

  2. Sweetnes

    I hope they get it one day…

    • Neo

      We continue to hope.

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