the man in the green hoodie

May 18, 2016

there were two things, both to shoot you, or, me, or him, or them, or her. two things to shoot; a camera, a gun.


and you, what do you have?

your skin

your body

your heart

your green hoodie– this one you particularly no longer own.


a man runs, runs, runs and runs after you

a different kind of green, of our times past and present.


your head lies on the yellow kerb

a boot stomps my head, keeps stomping, keeps stomping, forever

his foot on your head

he will beat you



beat you (almost) lifeless


but whose mother’s wailing do i hear today? this script can’t be based on imagination.


i do not know, i never have.








today, was a bad day to wear green.







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  1. damaris

    Good stuff

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