On Quitting Psychiatric Medication and Tongues that Wag

January 22, 2014

My head spins. Slowly. Then faster. 

I didn’t take my medication today. Fuck that shit. The psychiatrist says I have to take mood stabilizers, anti-depressants and that other shit that is supposed to sort out my Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. You know, I really don’t like that shit because it seems to always interfere with my Bipolar medication and it gives me nightmares and hallucinations. Just like when I smoke weed on a Thursday. And the Epilepsy diagnosis is a little fucked up.It makes you imagine that your brain collapses. Like the wife of that other man who used to drum in my granny’s village. People used to say that the man was bewitched. That is why he married a woman with epilepsy. A woman who apparently even fell on their only baby, killing it. Then there was the other day that she fell into a ditch trying to fetch water. They even say that she had fallen into open fire so many times but I never saw the scars or anything. It was funny how they even said her father used to turn into things at night. And that they had met him walking around as a cupboard. Or a dress. Or a donkey. The cat was mentioned even more times. Poor pussy.

That is the kind of shit people say about people they do not like.

But I tell you what, once those stories get to kids it’s over. They spread them to others. Other people’s kids. Even to the cultured ones. They exaggerate. You know kids. And the ones from poor families are worse. They spread lies about everyone. Like they used to say that my granny was a witch. Because of that fucking fig tree by the fence that decided to appoint itself the god of wild bats. All bats are wild, you know?


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