Of Sign Language and all

December 13, 2013


So, Nelson Mandela is dead. I am trying so hard to not say anything. I know there is a lot to say. Some credible. The rest just thoughts. And analyses.

Sitting in Johannesburg reminds me. Reminds me of all sorts of things. The love gained here. Years ago. The hurt. The bullshit that I thought was love. All the unnecessary talk at night. Over nothing. I think of love lost. Here. And as I say ‘Jozi’. I gasp.

But Jozi is exciting. Jozi has the personality of MaBrrr and that of Zuma. Just not in equal measure. Too many idiots roam these streets. Including me.

Thamsanqa Jantjie is not exactly an idiot. Something about him bothers me. A lot. I worry about these kinds of things. Like one called a fake interpreter. I cannot speak. This. is. my. mind. I just wont tell.

Ulale ngoxolo Madiba kodwa ke…

I struggle.

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