History One-O-One

July 15, 2014

When you unlearn the propaganda given to you as your country’s history

You begin to unravel the glaring lies and forceful ties that got you here

Long after passing your national examinations that have since become irrelevant

deeming you unemployable, uncritical but cynical of all critique


All the drilling on Archimedes, Pythagoras, and the confusion of all the thetas

The unforgivable Sin theta

The fake skin tone of Tan theta

And the slyness of the Con, Theta

And you still haven’t found the value of X


And your mother has gotten into a habit of scolding you, everyday

Since the teacher made those disparaging comments on your report card

“Brilliant student with potential but too playful. Should stop keeping bad company”

Huh! As though your potential could be measured by your score in thirteen different subjects

Twelve of which are of no believable importance, to you


And the English teacher has been bullying us in his constant

 references to our first language influences as mothertongue interference

For we speak English not like Slave Masters but as the Slaves that we are

But because Slavery has been erased from the curriculum we see no connection


And the snippets of history passed down to us, watered down by a warped nationalism

Have become dangerous to those who dare unlearn them

Those to whom they are no longer relevant

Those who now speak in the silence of their deaths and their unliveds

This history was never ours

It is the story of another

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