bless this unblessable land

September 25, 2014

Every other street in Nairobi seems to carry the life of some dead old man or men whose lives are perched on our collective dying (and un-liveds) – Kenyatta, Kimathi, Luthuli, Moi, Tom Mboya, Muindi Mbingu, Wabera, Koinange–and if you walk long enough you might find the occasional Mama Ngina who has continued to mold herself into a thing with the touch of Queen Victoria without Congolese diamonds but with anointed royal ovaries that we pray will continue to bless this unblessable land.

People have been killed on the ground you now stand on

Someone collapsed here and died

(The ambulance line was broken)

Someone lies right here with an amputated limb

Today someone will walk here

And never walk again


You will see faces

That will be buried

This Saturday

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  1. kasi


    • Neo

      ‘Days of our lives’ kind of sad.

  2. kasi


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