Sinoxolo Neo Musangi is an internally displaced black-queer-feminist who writes (bad) poetry to stay alive because they can no longer afford to see a psychiatrist.

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  1. Andrew Brown

    Hi Neo,
    My name is Andrew Brown and I’m a professor of performance art at Western Washington University in the U.S. I’m currently working on a project that looks at the work of LGBTIQ African artists as an alternative way to understand and represent the experiences/narratives of African LGBTIQ people, that are often so singularly talked about.

    I am currently working in South Africa, but will be in Nairobi Aug 31-Sep 4. I’m not sure if you will be in the city or if you have any interest/willingness to meet. But, if you would be willing (and available) I would love to meet with you and talk about your work. It could range anything from an informal conversation to a more formal interview, whatever your preference.

    I hope this finds you well and that our paths might cross.

    • Neo Musangi

      Hi Andrew,

      Sorry for a delayed response. Let me know once you are here.



      p.s Thank you for passing by the blog.

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